Welcome to my site!  It’s about time cats have websites to express how they feel!  In this website and blog you will be experiencing my most recent poetry!  Poetry from a simple house cat has profound meaning in this world and beyond! There is wisdom and insight from a cat!  We are here to teach you how to relax and enjoy exactly where you are at!  Among so many other great profound wisdoms, I am here to guide you with my art!  The art of unbiased and uncensored opinion of a cat who perceives the lunacy of humans with my keen discernment! Not to mention, the natural expression of my art through my poetry! Thank you for stopping by! –Killdore Jordan

Killdore’s Blog

Stay tune for upcoming poems and insights!


I’m a house cat! They named me Killdore because everyone thought I was mean! They just didn’t understand me, so that’s why I turned to poetry.  Hope you enjoy my work!