Two Steps

Sometimes I wish I could slow down

I’m two steps ahead in my mind.

Never settled in the present

Never savoring whatever the moment reveals.

I look back while I’m looking ahead

And realized I’ve overlooked the gift

The present.

Two steps ahead in my mind 

I figured I need to get ahead

Too much turmoil in my past 

It never amounted to anything

But disappointment and resentment .

I move two steps ahead.

I try to outrun all the pain I’ve felt in the past.

I’m looking two steps ahead.

I’m aways on the defense.

Always avoiding the evil eye, the bickering, the useless fighting.


I am now

I don’t want to be somewhere so unwelcoming as the past.

I’m anxious

Staying two steps ahead has kept some part of me from dying.

The part of me that’s as pure as time itself


It’s like I see my life from a distant star

I’m still not here.

My timing is off

If I would slow down-

I’d meet you in the middle

In the present.

Left Alone

Left alone 


Never knowing where to turn-

When my heart cries out for seeing you.

Left alone

In my nightmare

You may not come back.

My meows go unnoticed

In this lonely room.

Where do I look for you

When you’re gone?

I hide in the corner again.

In my lonely room.

Someone enters

Is it you?

My hope overtakes me

It’s just another passerby.

No you in sight

I’ll just hide with the hope that you’ll walk in

I’m left alone

Once again


Should Jupiter and Saturn meet,
O what a crop of mummy wheat!

From: A Vision- W.B. Yeats- Published 1925

Yeats expressed that he understood that the particulars are the works of the thirteenth  sphere or cycle which is in every man and called by every man his freedom.

He talks about the antithetical multiform influx preceding the verse. A gradual increase of a counter movement.  Perhaps, biological invasion?  

Could it be a vision  of Yeats to see Saturn and Jupiter coming together in 2020? 

Mummy wheat….hmm

Sarcasm or premonition?


Why do you desire to put me in a box?

A box I don’t fit in

Why do humans need to put things in boxes in order to accept something?

Wait For the Night

I wait for the night

So I can live in my dream

No silence 

No useless chatter

No hate

No standing in someone else’s shadow

The light shines in the darkness

Where I find myself once again

Where I find the real world

I see clearly now


In the moonlight

In The Sun Light

I don’t want to be in the dark anymore

My life has no meaning without the light

If I could soak in the sun all day-

What a good day it would be for me.

Bathing in the light

No more darkness

No more…not knowing where I stand

No more…not knowing what or who I am

And…who really loves me

Who really cares.

 I want to know

Who really believes in me!

I want to know

What I am capable of!

I bathe in light- forever

My beautiful sunlight

I now reside here…instead of darkness.

It’s In The Cards

What’s in the cards? 

I ask myself everyday!

Will I be happy?

Will I be sad?

Will I find my way home?

Who loves me? 

Who cares really?

Do you know the answers?!

Everyday I search for meaning! 

Why do I have to be here?!

I look at you-

You hopeless creature!

And… I realize you need me.

You might not make it another day-

If I wasn’t here.

I am your comfort.

I’m what you love.

You would never ask me to change.

It doesn’t matter where I am

Or what I do.

You still love me.

Even all my flaws and imperfections.

My light always shines in your eyes.

The Game

I haven’t yet learned how to play the game-

The games that other cats play.

I don’t even know the rules-

I’m the odd one out 

Never fitting in.