Hate Cats?

There are people who hate me just because I’m a cat.

The only reason!

They say, “ I hate cats!”

They don’t care to get to know, “me”!

What I believe , who I am, my virtues, my flaws.

They just say they hate cats!

They judge me before I can even meow!

What if I said, “ I hate humans!”

They’re all the same!

What kind of cat would I be then?

Pretty unpleasant at least towards humans.

You wouldn’t want to get near me-

You would probably call me an evil cat!

The only thing that would be evil-

The one true factor of evilness

Is just like them

My preconceived notion-

My judgement!

The beginning thought that I had decided to make

That I hate humans!

All my bad traits- at least in regards to humans

Stems from that thought and every action 

I would take from that original thought of hate and judgement!

So, if you hate cats , what does that say about you?

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