I hope the rain stops soon-

I want to see the sunshine again.

I want to see my fur flowing in the wind.

I want to see the light in your eyes-

The sun filled days when I still could purr.

I don’t want to hide 

It’s been too long…I’ve been hiding behind these four walls.

I’m sick of shelter- I want to roam free-

To explore a new path.

I live in fear with every breath I take-

You stand six feet away-

I’m afraid of you now.

2020 comes.

My dreams are on hold.

I don’t dare venture out-

Out from this shallow hole of fear and uncertainty-

Yet, I ache for a new day.

Where 2020 fades like a lost memory.

2020-you have filled my heart with so much rain.

I have no where to go.

No one to see.

You say I can’t move-

You say I can’t breathe-

But I am still here

Looking you in the eyes

And, never again will I be bullied by your threats and your arrogance.

2020- I walk alone.

How dare you take away everything I’ve known.

Everyone I’ve held dear.

This rain carries the purge-

Of the good, and the bad

The lost and the found

But deep inside – I just hide..in hopes, it will wear itself out.

So… I can slip by.

And, go my own way.

2020- I am just a cat.

I have a right to be a cat.

Why do you insist on taking away my purr?

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