Two Steps

Sometimes I wish I could slow down

I’m two steps ahead in my mind.

Never settled in the present

Never savoring whatever the moment reveals.

I look back while I’m looking ahead

And realized I’ve overlooked the gift

The present.

Two steps ahead in my mind 

I figured I need to get ahead

Too much turmoil in my past 

It never amounted to anything

But disappointment and resentment .

I move two steps ahead.

I try to outrun all the pain I’ve felt in the past.

I’m looking two steps ahead.

I’m aways on the defense.

Always avoiding the evil eye, the bickering, the useless fighting.


I am now

I don’t want to be somewhere so unwelcoming as the past.

I’m anxious

Staying two steps ahead has kept some part of me from dying.

The part of me that’s as pure as time itself


It’s like I see my life from a distant star

I’m still not here.

My timing is off

If I would slow down-

I’d meet you in the middle

In the present.

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