Sign Up Life

I didn’t sign up for this!

This is not my life! 

I don’t believe what I see

It’s not me!

Why can’t I live what resides deep within 

My mind

My heart and soul

I’m living someone else’s reality!

These clothes

My hair

My smile

Not me!

My work

My belief 

My friends 

My space

Not me!

Is it just because I go with the flow  and except what I see?

Rather than creating what I know.

What I know is what is truly real…when it comes to me

You never see it, but it’s everything that I am

Why do I feel I have to give up myself to resonate with anyone else?

With anything else?

What I am a signing up for? 

A role?

A job?

To be accepted?

Then, where do I go?

Where do I fit in?

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