My Life

I know I won’t live forever

The best I can do is be the greatest version of myself today

The me of yesterday you will never see again-

The future fades with all glimpses of uncertainty

There may not be a “me” tomorrow.

Shine now

Shine in my eyes-

I see you now- right now.

Where my dream lives on.

I Follow So Far

The nightly trek

Wandering nowhere

I know him

every night

He walks alone

Yet, he’s not alone

I follow…

We all walk a path

We can only find ourselves

When we are alone

It is a hunt….

Not for prey

It is the hunt

To find yourself

I’ve walked this path

Many times

I follow….I hunt

To find fellowship

Am I Ready?

Everything in life is hard

It’s not enough to understand oneself

But more to learn from our elders

And understand one outside oneself

You taught me some hard lessons

Bruised and beaten I’m willing now

I see you. I know you. I understand.

 I am ready.

Another Coconut

Contemplating my life-

I see-

I am no more than another coconut.

My purpose was to be free-

Yet, I choose to to live in comfort.

Secure from the rain.

A comforting bowl of food awaits me.

It deviates my mission.

My quest for adventure-

My quest for fame-

My desire to find the avenue behind the sun.

I Am Now Free

My worthless moments 

When I let you put me down-

And, I believed it!

I can’t believe how I’ve moved past that now

Being caged and imprisoned –

Like an animal

I had no hope- no light

No life!

There was no me!

I release your footprint on my soul!

I am now free

To be the best of me.

A Wish When You’re Gone

If I had wings that I could fly…..

To find you

Know you

I could fly to the limits of my soul

To find you

Know you

Love you.

But I don’t have those wings….

That is why I pounce upon your every being when you are here.

With me.

That is when I know you.

Love you.

And you love me.

Thieves of Time

Stay away from me


Let me be my essence- myself.

Let me find my world.

I don’t want to be a prisoner in yours.

I don’t want to be your chained pet.

I don’t want to wear a collar.

One, in which you decide the color.

I came here to fly to my dreams.

Celestial Moon

The moon I see when my eyes are closed. 

I wish I knew what lurks so far away.

Inside my deep celestial moon.

Deep in my heart

Her shadows play.

Plays with the beat I keep deep inside-

Will you find me?

Hiding- behind the light.

Are we connected as one?

My lunacy travels to the heart of those who see me.

You may never understand.

The distance I feel-

I walk away-pulled to the light of the moon.

Which shines bright above- guiding me further away from here-

I become one with the celestial essence.

My ninth life I will rise above this mundane existence. 

I will no longer walk in shadows-

I will shine bright like the light in the sky above.

Inside my deep celestial moon- we will rise above all of this.

It’s Now

There is no hope in being who I was.

I can never change the past. I can remember.

It’s just there like a faded photograph.

Time alters and changes to obscurity. 

The image loses its meaning.

Now is the miracle we will remember and the future calling to be fulfilled. 

Here and now is the only place that matters to me- ever.

It is the silver lining.

It is the flame that burns bright.

It is the excitement of a shooting star.

It is the magic that surpasses time.

It is the impossible that lurks behind your fondest wish.

It is the tasty mouse found in in the hole in the baseboard.

It is the meaning of everything that will ever be- or ever has been.

Only now matters-it’s all that is.